Daltile Sublimity Power Sequence SBLMTY_SB60_3X3_SH


Power Sequence

  • 16
  • Colors Available
Daltile Sublimity Strength Sequence SBLMTY_SB67_3X3_SP
Strength Sequence
Daltile Sublimity Restore Sequence SBLMTY_SB64_3X3_SH
Restore Sequence
Daltile Sublimity Sculpt Sequence SBLMTY_SB65_3X3_SH
Sculpt Sequence
Daltile Sublimity Energy Sequence SBLMTY_SB66_3X3_SH
Energy Sequence
Daltile Sublimity Power Sequence SBLMTY_SB60_3X3_SH
Power Sequence
Daltile Sublimity Breath Sequence SBLMTY_SB61_3X3_SH
Breath Sequence
Daltile Sublimity Core Sequence SBLMTY_SB62_3X3_SH
Core Sequence
Daltile Sublimity Mindful Sequence SBLMTY_SB63_3X3_SH
Mindful Sequence
Daltile Sublimity Namaste SBLMTY_M072_11X12_HH
Daltile Sublimity Daphne White SBLMTY_M103_10X13_BH
Daphne White
Daltile Sublimity Daphne White SBLMTY_M103_11X12_HH
Daphne White
Daltile Sublimity Cirrus Storm SBLMTY_M018_12X12_TH
Cirrus Storm
Daltile Sublimity Cirrus Storm SBLMTY_M018_12X13_EH
Cirrus Storm
Daltile Sublimity Namaste SBLMTY_M072_11X11_RH
Daltile Sublimity Cirrus Storm SBLMTY_M018_11X14_CH
Cirrus Storm
Daltile Sublimity Cirrus Storm SBLMTY_M018_12X12_PH
Cirrus Storm

Product Attributes

ColorPower Sequence
ShapeStraight Joint
ApplicationResidential and commercial
DescriptionSublimity stone mosaics deliver the sublime design and authenticity that only mother nature herself could create. Beautiful geometric designs in gray and white natural stone provides simple access to luxurious details that differentiate living spaces.