5 Signs it’s Time for a Professional Rug Cleaning

With routine care and maintenance, you can keep your favorite area rugs looking pristine even with an active household, pets, and frequent get-togethers. Regular vacuuming once a week, if it is appropriate with your rug construction and matched with the appropriate vacuum model, will help minimize dirt build-up, stains, odors, and discoloration. However, the holidays and increased time at home throughout 2020 may have put your rugs through more wear-and-tear than usual. Just in case you are unsure if your rugs are being properly maintained after a busy year, here are five signs it’s time for a professional rug cleaning from the experts at Vic's Carpet & Flooring .

Visible Stains

As obvious as this warning sign seems, it’s also the most important. When it comes to visible stains, you must be extremely careful to follow the proper care and maintenance routine for your specific rug type. If you treat the stain improperly, you can make the blemish worse or even permanent. If your care routine does not remove the stain, you need to ring the professionals!

Noticeable Odors

Unpleasant aromas are extremely tricky because they can develop from unseen spills and fester over long periods of time from an accident that no one was aware of. By the time you have noticed an odor that is not going away and identified that it could be coming from your rug, it is wise to get it professionally cleaned. You will either remove the bad smell entirely or at least eliminate that your now-clean rug was the source.

Annoying Allergies

It is one thing to experience allergies during the spring when all the new plants begin blooming, but it could be a warning sign if you go through the same symptoms at other times of the year. The pet dander, dead bugs, skins, and other particles that can get trapped in your carpet over time will create the perfect storm for sinus irritation. A professional rug cleaning can benefit you, your family, and help everyone breathe a little easier.

Shine Restoration

In many cases, this sign is simply a personal preference of how you want your rug to look! If regular vacuuming and your care routine simply is not getting your rug close to its original glory, get it professionally cleaned to restore the shine. With foot traffic, possible spills, and general activity, your favorite rugs may just need a good spa day to rejuvenate and serve your rooms admirably once again.

No Recollection

Let’s keep this description short and sweet: If you cannot recall the last time your rugs received a professional cleaning, or if they have ever been professionally cleaned for that matter, then they are probably due! A regular annual or bi-annual cleaning schedule will make a world of difference in keeping your rugs dazzling and your overall interior a little fresher.

You can also increase the life of your favorite right area rugs by rotating multiple styles throughout the year! In addition to providing a seasonal design refresh, you will decrease the amount of foot traffic that each rug will see. Make sure to explore our for post-holiday deals and special clearance items while supplies last!