Refresh Your Space Sale

Refresh Your Space Sale | Vic's Carpet & Flooring

With new flowers in bloom and sunny days upon us, that can only mean one thing: Spring is in full swing! As homeowners everywhere take a moment to deep clean rooms and take inventory of the state of the household, we think it’s also the perfect time for a hip…

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Fantastic Flooring Options for Your Basement

Fantastic Flooring Options for Your Basement | Vic's Carpet & Flooring

When it’s time to upgrade the way you are using your basement, at some point in your project planning, you will ask the question: What’s the best flooring for the basement? Whether it’s an additional living space, office, workout area, or the ultimate home theater room, Vic’s Carpet & Flooring can help…

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Place Area Rugs Like A Pro

Place Area Rugs Like A Pro | Vic's Carpet & Flooring

Perfect for a pop of color, pattern, texture, and visual interest wherever you need it in your home, stylish area rugs will always provide you with instant room-enhancing additions. In fact, our Vic’s Carpet & Flooring Rugs.Shop has styles, sizes, and constructions that can be used throughout the home to dazzling…

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